Who’s Your “Spirit Superhero”?

Comic-Con is taking our town by storm this week and it has us thinking about superpowers. In a world dominated by the big guys, it can be tempting to follow in their footsteps. But there’s no need to live in another’s shadow when you have superpowers of your own! At Intesa, we believe in celebrating our clients for what makes each of them incredible and sharing their superpowers with the rest of the world. We would never put Superman’s cape on The Hulk, and we wouldn’t advise you or your organization to wear a disguise out in the world either.

So, how about it? If your organization was a superhero, who would you be? Are you…

Spider-Man Young and eager to make an impact, you value new ideas and aren’t afraid to make big leaps. Lean and nimble, you can jump into action at a moment’s notice and have the project wrapped up before the competition can say “Mary Jane”. Technology and web-forward, no one is more connected than you.

Wonder Woman Virtually a legend in your field, you’re an established leader in your industry. Possessing a warrior spirit, fidelity to your values and your people is always at the forefront as you use your power for the good of all. You’re always up for a challenge.

Iron Man Cocky? Never. Your confidence comes from a solid record of accomplishments. You believe in using every tool at your disposal and inventing new ones when necessary. You keep your eyes on the prize and get things done to stay on top.

Black Panther Always the smartest one in the room, you wisely research and consider all aspects of a situation before you act. You wield your immense strength strategically, so much so that some miss your masterful maneuvers altogether. While others are still playing the field, you’ve already won the game.

Or are you a different kind of hero altogether? What are your superpowers? Identifying what makes you “you” is an important part of your communications strategy. After all, how are we going to tell the world who you are, if you don’t know who you are? If you could use a sidekick to help you figure this stuff out, we’re here for you!

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