South Bay Community Services

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South Bay Community Services (SBCS) is one of San Diego’s largest non-profit providers of social services, education, and community development programs for youth and families. Since their beginnings in 1971, SBCS has grown to an organization with more than 500 employees, serving thousands of children and families in need throughout San Diego.

In 2017, Intesa was brought on to revamp SBCS messaging and communications infrastructure. Over the course of three months, through on-site strategic planning sessions and individual stakeholder meetings, Intesa empowered the SBCS leadership to jump-start and commit to their own ideas about how their employees and partners can best tell the SBCS story.

Along the way, Intesa helped the SBCS team:

  • Establish a set of core values to guide all aspects of community-driven work;
  • Create a new, inspiring mission statement;
  • Articulate a relevant positioning statement; and,
  • Plan thoughtful and timely communication tactics to get the talk right among people, on paper, and in pixels.

In addition to strategic communications expertise, Intesa currently provides SBCS with government relations counsel, digital strategy, and web design services.

Thanks to their new communications infrastructure, SBCS leadership reports that the organization has a new level of confidence and effectiveness in taking its story to the community, and navigating public relations opportunities.


About South Bay Community Services
South Bay Community Services transforms communities to support the well-being and prosperity of children, youth and families. More at

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