Newman to speak at PRSA Mid-Atlantic District Conference

On November 8, Intesa founder and networking enthusiast Margie Newman will speak on the strategic business and leadership panel, “Never Leave Home Without a Business Card,” at the 2012 PRSA Mid-Atlantic District Chesapeake Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

Margie’s business card obsession is well-documented. From her 2009 advice column to her personal blog–and even the blogs of others.  So, it was no surprise that her suggestion for the title and theme of a networking panel focused on the importance of these tiny, paper meet and greet devices.

“The most common reason a young professional isn’t networking–and certainly is not carrying a business card–is humility,” Margie says.

“If you are uncomfortable networking, hand-shaking and business card-swapping that likely is because you believe it to be self-promoting. Well, it is. But you have worked very hard to become the talented professional you are today.

“You must be confident in your accomplishments, find a way to communicate them clearly, meet folks who should know about your skills, and be prepared to seize every opportunity — and card swap — that comes your way.”

If you’re in Baltimore on the 8th, be sure to drop by Margie’s panel at the PRSA Conference! Register here. In the meantime, keep those business cards updated and handy! You never know when you’ll meet your next boss, client or mentor…


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