Personal PR: Putting Down Roots While Branching Out

In her most recent post, Margie offered great advice about establishing or extending your professional reputation in a new city. Even if your feet are firmly planted in your dream city – or even better, your dream job – you need to be proactive about communicating your value right where you are.

We look at internal communications as the first step in developing the communication strategy for every new Intesa PR client. Getting everyone on board with a unified message is just part of the equation. The other part is building a repository of institutional knowledge while getting to know the strengths and talents of the people on the team.

Colleagues, bosses, supervisors and subordinates come and go and not all of them are going to know about the fabulous account you won three years ago. In fact, we’re all so busy that we are often unaware of our colleagues’ current projects and achievements. Short of hiring a personal publicist or tattooing your resume on your forehead, here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure the right people know you’re still the right person for the job:

  1. Join a new group. Even if you’ve been around a while, you still have people to meet, hands to shake and business cards you need to collect. Take this low-pressure opportunity to learn something new.
  2. Join a committee in an old group. It may surprise a few of my colleagues and friends to learn that I am an introvert. Here’s the secret: I join committees so I’ll have a reason to approach new people. As long as I’m tasked with getting a job done, it’s easier for me to enter the conversation.
  3. Share your successes outright. Ask your supervisor or team leader for 10-15 minutes to share the successful outcome of a recent project at the next all-hands or staff meeting. Be sure to give kudos to the people on your team and the client-side, but be brave enough to own your brilliant ideas, too.

Now, go do something fabulous and don’t forget to tell the boss!

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