Non-Profit PR: raise your profile before you make the ask

momentum and non profitsThe public is more likely to get involved, contribute, and/or share your resources when they know who you are and what you stand for BEFORE you ask them for something.

It sounds so basic, yet, far too many non-profit groups embark on a fundraising, membership or policy push, without first raising the profile of their organization.

The push may bring them some success, but not nearly as much as it would have had they kicked off their campaign with a supportive public relations strategy.

Effective communications outreach builds momentum, a catalyst for your fundraising, membership and policy-change goals. 

Momentum-building tactics include a yearlong communications plan, consistent stakeholder contact, a resourceful web and social media content strategy, and public outreach opportunities that engage your target audiences.

A one-time press release, event or newsletter isn’t going to cut it.

Though it often is touted in politics and sports, the importance of building and maintaining momentum (a.k.a. “Big Mo”) is an often-overlooked tactic among non-profit groups. The result is an abundance of missed opportunities for those organizations.

Don’t dis Big Mo.

Engage a PR professional and get your communications house in order before you make the ask.

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