Intesa Communications colleagues are savvy, seasoned and strategic


As a business owner, it’s always a treat to receive resumes from other public relations professionals who want to be a part of what we are building.

We appreciate receiving smart referrals and hearing from enthusiastic job seekers, even if we’re not hiring today. Before you send in your goods, here’s a quick summary of the kind of communicators we are interested in hiring, or partnering with:

1. We’re looking for more than a “people person.” Public relations success is the product of so much more than memorable interpersonal skill. To join our team, you’ll need to be an excellent writer, listener and problem solver. You’ll also need to demonstrate an appetite for winning. Intesa clients expect and deserve to achieve their goals. A love of people is great, but it alone does not a PR superstar make.

2. Social media is one of many communications tools. About once a week, I receive a resume from a person seeking a job in social media. Social media is not a career path; it is a communications tool. The folks who make a career out of using that tool likely have crafted a broad range of other skills, such as writing, editing, producing and data analysis. Intesa colleagues are digitally savvy. They also are experts in a host of other essential communications tools and tactics.

3. Intesa is a communications and digital strategy firm.  Businesses, schools, firms, executives and non-profits choose Intesa because our team comprises experienced, holistic and strategic communicators. Our clients are not looking for one-skill wonders.

If you are a public relations pro who shares those traits, and are a self-starter with a knack for business development, send us your stuff! We may soon be looking for you.

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