Good reads: Harvard Business Review, November issue

Thanks to $5 Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi, I’m blogging at you from 30,000ft. I do love technology. But my favorite thing about flying actually is reading the hard copy of the Harvard Business Review.

I tend to forget about HBR until I’m standing in the airport news/snacks store. Then, when I go to purchase it, the cashier always reminds me it’s a $17 magazine. “Well worth it,” I say. The November 2012 issue is no exception. Particularly, this quote from William P. Carlson, in response to an article about how social media is killing marketing and public relations:

“The advent of power tools didn’t kill carpentry; it provided carpenters with new and more efficient ways to construct things. And hand tools still get used in the process.”

Amen, Mr. Carlson.

In the November issue, there’s also an interesting article by Carol Fishman Cohen about “Returnships,” internships for experienced professionals who have taken a break from their careers for two or more years, and now are ready to return to the workforce. As well as lengthy spotlight on “The Management Century.”

I’m an early adopter of technology and avid consumer of media channels, but remain a fan of long-form journalism, magazines and feature stories. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a distraction-free dive into a $17 magazine, give HBR a go. You rarely walk away without an applicable management, marketing or business lesson…ripe for sharing with your social networks.

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