Effective PR Requires Partnership, Passion

One of the first things Tabatha and I do when we’re talking to a prospective client is present them with this caveat:

Intesa serves clients who do good things, and strive to do them well and profitably.

Intesa colleagues are more than strategic public relations consultants; we are partners who share your passion. 

Strategic pr partners

Intesa clients are committed to making a difference and running an impressive balance sheet. These are the corporations, investment firms and non-profits that take in our opening line as a breath of fresh air. Many of them come to us with a true desire for counsel. They are smart, savvy and driven leaders who often lack the communications expertise, staff and/or outside perspective needed to effectively tell their story.

It’s our pleasure to help them find that story, and develop the tactics that support a reasoned strategy and will reach their public. Sometimes, we get a little misty when we think about the fact that we get paid to do something we enjoy so much. We keep that joy by ensuring our client roster aligns with the Intesa mission to serve those who do good and do it well.

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