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In 2014, the Intesa team was tapped to lead the start-up communications planning, strategy and vendor selection process for the newly formed ACE Task Force of Shelby County.

This group of 40+ Memphis, TN, leaders is using Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Survey data to reframe the community conversation around the universal and harmful nature of childhood traumatic experiences. Building on the latest available brain and trauma research, the Task Force seeks redefine the way medical systems and health policies address parenting support, health, and life outcomes.

Start-up communications counsel included:

  • communications planning
  • messaging, press kit development & executive media training
  • website design
  • vendor outreach and management
  • event planning
  • media relations materials, strategy and op-ed placement
  • Report release project management, editing and messaging.
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Commercial Appeal; April 17, 2015.

In January 2015, the Task Force released new data showing a direct link between chronic exposure to traumatic events throughout childhood and negative behaviors and health conditions as adults. According to the Task Force report, “Adverse Childhood Experiences in Shelby County Tennessee,” 52 percent of adults in Shelby County report having experienced at least one ACE. The Intesa team organized the Task Force’s communications strategy, messaging development and official report release at the standing-room-only “Getting to our Roots” community forum in Memphis, TN.

Today, Intesa continues to provide strategic communications and media relations counsel to the Task Force, as well as the nation’s first Universal Parenting Places (UPP). Each UPP is designed to make information, guidance, support and problem solving available to parents early in the appearance of behavior and health issues, before they become serious problems.

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About the ACE Center Task Force of Shelby County

Created in 2014, the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Center Task Force of Shelby County is a team of 40 Memphis, TN, leaders dedicated to transforming the way medical systems and policies address health and behavioral outcomes for all citizens. More at

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